03 May 2015

Note the phrase: "______ will hurt the economy"

Those who say "________ will hurt the economy" are actually saying "________ will hurt MY economy."

Economies are sprouting and dying every second. This morning when I bought a coffee from the local coffee shop I started and ended an economy between me and the coffee shop.  You could say I hurt the economy of another coffee shop by not buying there but yet the economy of coffee buying remains the same regardless of which shop I went to.

So, in the context of all this hurting, how does one define The Economy?  Where does one draw a circle around transactions and call it The Economy?  The Earth?  The USA?  The local coffee shop?

When the statement "________ will hurt the economy"  is used, it is being drawn by the speaker around his or her own interests. 

Economy is just like Mother Nature.  Both will continue to push out and adapt until there is no more Earth.  And neither really needs humans necessarily.  Mother Nature could care less what happens to humans.

The irony of trying to save humans through acts that will "hurt the economy."

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